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Stage Banner Sizes For SL 250 Stageline Mobile Stage

by Mendy Rimler, Updated April 2019

So you found a stage rental for your event, and your SL 250 Stageline stage is going to be a focus point of your festival. How will you cover it with blowthrough mesh banners to make it look beautiful?

Here’s everything you need to know about mesh banners for your SL 250 mobile stage. Your blowthrough mesh banners will help you brand your event, show recognition to sponsors, and make your stage something worth gazing at for your tireless guests.

Stage Banner for Festival Illustrative purposes only - stage is not an SL 250.

Banner Sizes

The Stageline SL 250 mobile stage can hang various banners, at different points of the structure. These specifications run you through the details of banners for the classic model:

Stage Backdrop: 14' x 30'

Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 17' 9" x 12'

Stage Header (Top Banner):

Option 1 - 12' 6" x 30' 8"

Option 2 - 12' 6" x 32' 8"

Bottom Skirt Banner: 4' 8" x 64'

Here are the stage banner sizes for the SL 250 NG (New Generation) model:

Stage Backdrop: 17' x 31'

Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 19' 8" x 12'

Stage Header (Top Banner):

Option 1 - 3' 10" x 33' 7"

Option 2 - 3' 10" x 46' 3"

Bottom Skirt Banner: 4' 8" x 64'

Best Type of Banner Material For SL 250 Mobile Stage

We always recommend using 70/30 vinyl mesh for SL 250 stageline stages. This type of material, often called blowthrough mesh, allows air and sound to flow through. The wind on your stage puts a lot of tension on the structure, and vinyl mesh lets a lot of that load pass through the banner, instead of adding more tension to the stage. We can also print on other types of mesh.

Another way to promote your sponsors is through plastic roll banners.

More questions? Please reach out to us, we are happy to help with any questions and set you up with a great quote on your stage banners. Our turnaround is one week, but we can ship banners in as little as 2 / 3 days if needed.

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