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3 Reasons You Should Use Plastic Roll Banners For Branding

Plastic roll banners are budget-savers hiding in plain sight. They are 10x cheaper than standard vinyl banners, yet so many brands are unaware of the cost savings you can achieve with a roll banner. Here are three simple yet brilliant ways that radio stations, brands and events are using plastic roll banners.

1. Replace Your Vinyl Banners With Hundreds of Feet Of Roll Banner

As a promotions manager or a branding professional, you know the importance of utilizing your marketing budget in the most cost effective ways. A 3' x 5' vinyl banner can cost $50 - $100. A 3' x 5' roll banner costs - and we dare not jest - as little as $0.90, and up to about $4 at the high end. Plastic roll banners, which come wound up on a roll, can be rolled out across fencing, over tables, around stages, cut up as souvenirs, around trash barrels and over tents.

Just think of the branding possibilities!

2. Do It For The Selfies

Everywhere you go at an event these days, someone is live, Snapchatting themselves, posting on Facebook or posting their experience on Instagram. Your logo could be in the background of all these social media postings, when you cover the area with plastic roll banners.

It's no longer enough to have a large stage banner across your stage, it's essential to have your logo plastered everywhere.

3. Quick Setup And Teardown

Plastic roll banners are fully recyclable and can easily be torn down after your event. This will save your volunteers tons of time, after a long and exhilirating day. Setting up the roll banners is a cinch - just tape them up wherever you need them.

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