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Planning a festival or concert is a lot of hard work and requires attention to MANY details. Whether you are planning for a summer music festival, an international film festival or home town event, festival and concert banners are essential. This site helps you in planning your upcoming festival and concert events and the banners that will make it a success!

Whether you place a large or small order, you can count on high quality service at a reasonable price. Festival and concert banners by Northcoast Banners offer a great way to brand your events and get sponsors on board by advertising for them and you.

The Importance of Printing Festival and Concert Banners on Mesh

The Alive Festival backdrop at the top of this page is a great example of large scale stage backdrops for outdoor festivals and concerts. It consists of a 25' x 40' Mesh Stage Backdrop, along with two 10' x 25' speaker tower mesh banners, topped off by a 9' x 65' peak banner. These stage back drops were created using 70/30 mesh.

The mesh allows for air to flow through the banner, lessening the sail effect. The two stage scrims on either side of the stage offer privacy to the stage hands and upcoming performers.

Avoid Sound Distortion: Mesh Banners

When your festival or concert is outdoors and you are using large stage backdrops, allowing sufficient wind to blow through the mesh banners without distorting the sound is critical.

For this reason Northcoast Banners prints the majority of its stage backdrops on vinyl mesh with weaves as tight as 70/30 and as loose as 30/70. The most common mesh we print on is 70/30.

Read more about the effect of wind on the cross section of your banners (PDF, 14k)

Festival Banners at Creation

Banners for Any Festival or Concert

Whatever the theme of your Festival or Concert, Northcoast Banners will deliver great looking banners in a timely and cost effective manner.

When you order banners from Northcoast Banners we offer personal, professional service and fast delivery. You talk to talented, friendly people who get you through the order process with attention to all the important details.

Your questions will be answered and the most cost effective solution for your festival or concert will be offered.

Our turn-around times are typically less than 1 week.

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