The Future of Festivals in 2021

If you work in the festival industry like we do, you know that the 2020 festival season was a wash. 

Disappointed attendees, unemployed contractors, and thousands of canceled festivals were the result of the lockdowns and COVID-19 regulations. 

Even with a vaccine on the horizon, it looks like upcoming festivals in 2021 will be different than they were before the pandemic.

While festival planners are trying to stay optimistic, safety precautions from last year’s festivals will be combined with new pandemic proof measures as we move forward.

How Festivals Survived in 2020

While the pandemic ravaged the festival and live music industry, many event planners insisted that the show had to go on. 

In 2020, we saw drive-in concerts, virtual festivals, and socially distanced events with pens and fences that kept small groups of attendees isolated from each other.

While these measures helped the festival industry stay afloat, many events were canceled or rescheduled for 2021. The events that were held, were a different atmosphere without the large crowds.

Virtual Concerts

Virtual concerts made it possible to enjoy events from the complete safety and comfort of home. 

These shows premiered online with the artist performing live in an empty venue. Viewers could either watch the live performances as they were streamed or access them for 24-36 hours after the event. 

Though these events allowed people all over the world to attend a single event, watching a music event on a screen isn’t the same as an in-person experience.

Socially Distancing Festival Attendees

With quick innovation, some festivals did manage to hold in person events during the pandemic. 

Drive-in concerts were a popular suolitions to the social distancing conundrum. Drive in events allowed attendees to see their favorite artists in person from the safety of their car. 

Though the sound and visibility of the show are somewhat reduced by being in a vehicle, this was an early solution that allowed some events to happen. 

The drive in festival does reduce the number of attendees. Where before you might have several thousand attendees, the event now might be limited by the space available to a few hundred cars. 

Some in-person, out-of-car festivals still took place in 2020, but attendees were divided into pens that kept them socially distanced.

The pen method brought its own set of problems for festival planners.  In order to keep people apart, fewer people were able to attend the events. 

With the increase of staff required to get the attendees safely to their designated areas, and the cost of procuring and setting up the pens, this sort of event was likely to have a narrower profit margin than a traditional festival.

Larger Stage Sizes

We saw a trend in larger stages being used at socially distanced festivals. 

At NorthCoast Banners we print banners for all stages. In a regular year, one of the most popular stages we print banners for is the SL 100 with a 24’x20’ stage floor. 

During the pandemic, we saw an increase in banner orders for larger stages – especially the SL260 with a 32’x24’ floor. 

Caption: SL 260 stage at Rhythm N’ Blooms Festival, 2018
Caption: SL 260 stage at Rhythm N’ Blooms Festival, 2018

Not only does the larger stage allow for more space for the artist and various workers to remain socially distanced, but it also has larger side banners. The larger banners allow the audience to see the stage branding from a greater distance. 

Often, screen projections were also used to make the experience just as impactful for those seated further away from the stage.

What to Expect If You’re Planning Festivals in 2021

Although the pandemic is far from over, many of the hottest festivals are planning to return to the United States in 2021 with COVID safety precautions in place.

Outside Lands, Riot Fest, and the Electric Forest are just a few of the music festivals saying they will make a comeback in 2021.

Challenges Festivals Face in 2021

If you’re planning festivals in 2021, it’s important to follow all the safety guidelines recommended for the area where the event will take place. Safety regulations vary not only from state to state, but sometimes by county throughout the US. 

Temperature checks, mandatory mask-wearing while indoors, and hand sanitizing stations should be implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus at your event.

Keeping Your Attendees safe

While these measures have been proven to reduce the spread of the virus, they do pose some drawbacks and challenges for event planners and attendees.

Attendees may complain that wearing a mask is uncomfortable. If your festival takes place in the summer, masks may cause attendees to feel overheated. It’s also harder to stay hydrated when wearing a mask which may lead to an increased risk of dehydration or heat exhaustion. 

Though alcohol sales can be a big part of the revenue at a festival, it can create additional challenges during the pandemic. 

Whether trying to have your attendees keep their masks on or follow social distancing rules, it can be difficult to get people to follow the guidelines when they are under the influence of alcohol. 

Some festivals will  require attendees to test negative for coronavirus. Though this seems like a sure way to keep COVID out of your festival, it presents logistical challenges. 

Unless you’re doing rapid testing on site, there is the potential that an attendee was exposed to coronavirus after getting their test. There’s also concern about attendees falsifying negative test results in order to attend the event. 

At minimum, festivals will probably need to use temperature screening to prevent ill attendees from entering the venue.

Staffing Challenges

Event planners should also take steps to ensure the safety of event staff members. 

In order to enact safety measures and screening of attendees, you will likely need to increase your staffing. 

In addition to needing more staff, it can be harder for your people to work with each other. Social distancing makes it harder to communicate, especially in a festival setting.

Some set up tasks may need to be done with staff members closer together than the FDA recommended 6ft minimum distance. Some festival planners have discussed.

Will there be Festivals in 2021?

As we move into 2021, it seems more likely that some festivals will return than others. 

For large festivals like Coachella, it’s unrealistic to think that these safety precautions will be effective. If Coachella were held in person, it would likely need to have fewer attendees. With the number of performing acts at large events like Coachella, it’s likely that these massive festivals will hold off until we’re beyond the COVID pandemic.

For small and mid-size events, safety measures could be implemented. Mid sized events could still be profitable as long as event planners account for the increased cost and decreased number of attendees.

Unfortunately, continued fear about the pandemic may deter some people from attending festivals in 2021. Some people, especially those with high-risk family members at home, simply don’t want to take any chance of contracting the virus no matter what safety precautions are in place. 

Music festivals have always been centered around cutting loose and coming together with friends and strangers alike, and with so many rules and regulations in place, event planners may not be able to provide the experience that attendees are used to.

Event planners should prepare for lower turnout, higher overhead costs, and reduced profits for the 2021 festival season.

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We are in the stage business, but mostly in the banner business

“We are in the stage business, but mostly in the banner business,” says Scott Thompson, owner/president of, a stage rental company in Orlando, Florida.

It’s true, a stage rental company doesn’t just rent out stages. They provide the stage that is the billboard of the event. Thousands of people show up to events every weekend and take pictures of the artists/entertainers on stage all around the world.

Sponsorships have really taken off at live events. Promoters are finding they can get their production costs (stage, audio, lighting, video wall, etc) covered 100% or partially by sponsors looking to gain a unique edge in their marketing.

A typical outdoor stage rental for a small to medium size event (500 to 2,000 people) can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. Sound can be in the range of $1,000 to $3,000.

Lighting can be $200 to $3,000. Imagine getting all that paid for, and you keep all the ticket sales and profits from the event?! Banner costs are minimal by comparison, but they are what bring in the sponsorship dollars.

Attendees are snapping up pictures of the artists on stage with banners in the background showing the sponsor’s brand. These pictures end up getting shared on social media at an exponential rate, leading to even more exposure.

At the time of this writing, each person on Facebook has on average 338 Facebook friends. Each person on Instagram has about 150 followers. According to Business Insider, 35% of people in your timeline see your posts.

So that’s 118 Facebook friends and 52 Instagram followers that potentially see the event post from one single person. If you have 2,000 people at the event, and only half of them take pictures and share them… you do the math.

The use of #hashtags increases the reach online even further. For example, if the promoter or sponsor uses a hashtag such as #xyzevent or #xyzproduct on their banners, then people that want to see pictures of the event can look up that hashtag, and see every picture taken by hundreds or thousands of other people. This works with video very nicely as well.

Many customers do not even know the banner kits are included with the stage. We at mention this to every single client.

We want them to get banners for their stage, because they will be able to reuse those banners for years to come on “our” stages. In addition, their event will be more of a success because their sponsors will want to do it again.

North Coast Banners has been our go to banner company that we refer all our clients to for the past 5+ years. Their quality, service, and fast shipping makes all the difference with our customers.

We tell our customers “all you have to do is send NorthCoast the artwork, and they’ll make sure you get the right quality banners on time. They know the sizes of all our stages as well, so everything will fit perfectly.”

Too many of our customers have gone their own route, getting their friend or cousin to print banners for them. They show up with weak banners, no grommets, non blow through material. The wrong banners will cost you money. Do it right the first time!

If you aren’t utilizing banners at your events, you are missing out on free money, whether you are a promoter, stage company, or production company.

Banners more than pay for themselves. Call NorthCoast Banners!

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Mesh Stage Banners

So you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to buying Mesh Stage Banners? You’re in the right place! Our team has done the research and compiled all the need-to-know details to make purchasing mesh stage banners a snap.

Best Materials for Festival Banners

The best material for festival stage banners is vinyl mesh. In fact, you just can’t compare any other choices to this high quality, durable material! Vinyl mesh comes in two options: 70/30 or 30/70.

70/30 vinyl mesh means that the banner is 70% vinyl material and 30% air (holes). The holes allow for wind and sound blowthrough without compromising on visual design.

In contrast, 30/70 vinyl mesh uses less material and more open space. This material is ideal for windy conditions. A stage will always have a certain max load for weight and wind resistance, so if you anticipate a venue will be windy, the 30/70 vinyl mesh is the safest option.

Stats About Vinyl Mesh

  • 70/30 vinyl mesh is the most popular options for outdoor events
  • 70/30 mesh is durable, lightweight, and allows air/sound blowthrough
  • The 30 percent holes are essentially invisible to the naked eye
  • 30/70 vinyl mesh is recommended only for very windy conditions, as the images will be less vibrant
  • More details about vinyl mesh can be found HERE

For more information about the differences between 70/30 and 30/70 vinyl mesh, check out this informative article.

70/30 vinyl mesh stage banner - northcoast banners
70/30 Vinyl Mesh Festival Stage Banners

Another option, which is NOT recommended, would be solid vinyl. This is only ever a reasonable option for the stage header banner, if a band or event is looking to maximize the vibrancy of the images and logos.

However, for safety reasons, we recommend that all outdoor festival stages utilize at least 70/30 vinyl mesh materials for ALL stage banners.

Wind Considerations for Festival Stage Banners

First of all, you really need to consider your venue when you are deciding on the type of vinyl mesh you will purchase. Because 30/70 banners can be less visually appealing, some might opt against them.

However, if you know the venue will be subject to high winds, the safest choice is always smartest. If you need help designing your banner to be as vibrant as possible, even at 30/70, our design team is available to assist.

30/70 vinyl mesh stage banners - SL320 stage - northcoast banners
30/70 Vinyl Mesh Stage Banners for Windy Conditions

Sizes for Mesh Stage Banners

You will need to know the stage type and size in order to purchase the proper stage banners. Here are some of the most popular and common stages used at festivals:

Stageline SL 100

Stage Backdrop: 12′ 8″ x 23′ 6″
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 16′ x 6′
Stage Header (Top Banner):
Option 1 – 3′ 10″ x 24′
Option 2 – 3′ 10″ x 37′

Stageline SL 250 (Classic model)

Stage Backdrop: 14′ x 30′
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 17′ 9″ x 12′
Stage Header (Top Banner):
Option 1 – 12′ 6″ x 30′ 8″
Option 2 – 12′ 6″ x 32′ 8″

Stageline SL 260

Stage Backdrop: 17′ 6″ x 30′ 10″
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 20′ 6″ x 13′
Stage Header (Top Banner):
Option 1 – 5′ 1″ x 46′ 3″
Option 2 – 5′ 1″ x 35′

Stageline SL 320

Stage Backdrop: 22′ 4″ x 38′
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 26′ 4″ x 15′ 10″
Stage Header (Top Banner): 4′ x 40′

Apex 3224 Mobile Stages

20 Ft. Stage

Stage Backdrop: 16′ 5″ x 20′
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 16′ x 4′
Stage Header (Top Banner): 3′ x 20′

24 Ft. Stage

Stage Backdrop: 16′ 5″ x 24′
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 16′ 2″ x 4′
Stage Header (Top Banner): 3′ x 24′

32′ Ft. Stage

Stage Backdrop: 16′ 5″ x 32′
Left And Right Speaker Banners (Stage Scrims): 19′ 9″ x 4′
Stage Header (Top Banner): 3′ x 32′

Mesh stage banners on SL260 stage - NorthCoast Banners
Vinyl Mesh Festival Banners on SL260 Stage

For more detailed information about stage types and sizes and how to order your banners in the correct size, check out this useful guide.

How to Hang Mesh Banners on a Stage 

There are two primary options for hanging stage banners: grommets and pole pockets. The most popular hanging choice is to have a grommet/eyelet placed every 2 feet along the perimeter of a banner, fastened with a zip tie or cord.

Conversely, pole pockets don’t hang as easily and generally are just not as user-friendly. However, if you’re sure this is what you want, NorthCoast Banners can produce banners with pole pockets by request.

Another option would be Velcro, however this is best suited for small, indoor venues. To read more about each option and decide which is best for you, check out this article on setting up your banners and backdrops.

Additionally, you must remember to talk to festival management if you have questions about stages and sizing. The venue management will be the ones to hire the stage technicians who actually hang the banners.

As the buyer, you won’t be the one hanging your banners. At NorthCoast Banners we know the majority of the well-established stage tech companies and are able to answer your questions or connect you to the right person.

Will My Banners Rip? 

NorthCoast Banners’ mesh stage banners come with reinforced hems. As a result, these hems that have been doubled up with extra heat welds or stitches so the edges will be strong. In contrast, standard hems won’t last as long and could tear in high winds. 

Make sure you always review order details like materials, hanging type, and hem type.

How Long Does It Take to Order a Stage Banner?

The typical turnaround time to order a mesh stage banner is about one week production, plus shipping time, which depends on buyer location.

The biggest hold-up we tend to see involves artwork hiccups. For example, the artwork submitted may not be high enough quality, which could result in some back and forth with our team and designer before the banner goes into production.

Of course, if our graphic artist gets called in to clean up images, it could add several more days.

Therefore, you should plan for the order date to be at least 3 weeks prior to the date needed. The minimum typical order time-frame is 3 to 4 weeks, but we recommend you add a week or two to be safe.

Rush Order for Mesh Stage Banners

We are able to fulfill rush orders for mesh stage banners. In fact, we offer printing turnaround in 2-3 days, and can add rush shipping at cost. Contact us for more information.

How to Design Artwork for Stage Banners

There are two key elements for stage banner artwork: bright colors and high contrast.

Keep in mind that if you have opted for 30/70 vinyl mesh for windy conditions, your images will appear more subdued. However, 70/30 mesh is essentially solid to the naked eye, as our eyes and brains work together to fill the open space.

Check out these stage banner design Dos and Don’ts to get started.

What Are the Format Requirements for Artwork or Logos for Stage Banners?

Because artwork needs to be blown up to a large scale for stage banners, it is important that the images be high quality and large format.

Likewise, the best logos and art files are vector images. For example, PDF, AI, and EPS files. These can be any size without losing quality, since the computer just scales the image based on existing information.

Raster images can be trickier to adapt. These include JPEG, PNG, PSD, and PSB files. These files need to be 150 dpi at full print size.

For example, if a backdrop is 10×10′, just convert that to inches, which equals 120×120. Thus, saved at that size in Photoshop it would need to be at least 150 dpi. If the file is too big for Photoshop, then we need the HALF size at 300 dpi so we can expand it

For all the nitty gritty details on design sizes and file types, utilize this guide to artwork requirements.

However, if you aren’t up on all the latest design jargon, we have a graphic artist who is able to vectorize logos (sharpen them up) utilizing whatever graphics you already have.

70/30 Vinyl Mesh Stage Banner - NorthCoast Banners
70/30 Vinyl Mesh Stage Banners

Can I Reuse My Mesh Stage Banner?  

A great benefit of mesh stage banners is how durable they are. These will last you a long time! Also, be sure to roll your banners when you store them to lessen creasing.

Do NOT put tour or festival dates on the artwork if you plan to reuse the banners. If you take care of your banners and choose your artwork wisely, they will be a long-term in vestment well worth the cost.

Now that we’ve covered the main topics for purchasing mesh stage banners, you should be set and ready to go! If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our highly trained and experienced team at NorthCoast Banners. We are always happy to bring your stage banner vision to life!

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Cheap Banners At Festivals: A Public Safety Risk

The appeal of low-cost materials and cheap banners makes sense. If you’re hosting a festival or large event, you need to cut down on costs wherever you can! But keep in mind that when it comes to festival and stage banners, quality and reliability equals safety.

Acoustic Transparency

When planning a festival, you want to be sure you’re delivering quality performances. Therefore, you need to consider stage aesthetics as well as sound. Bands and performers want to audience to hear them without distortion.

sound waves - music waves -acoustic transparency

Acoustic transparency is about maintaining acoustic fidelity as sound passes through screen material. An acoustically transparent material allows speakers to be positioned behind the banner, maximizing the viewing (aesthetic) and listening (acoustic) experiences.

High Quality Vs. Cheap Banners

Stage banners are not the place to cut corners and opt for cheap banners. If you’re looking for less expensive banner materials, Plastic Roll Banners are a great option for use elsewhere around a festival or venue.

However, when it comes to stage banners, high quality materials and experienced companies can make a world of difference. You want to make sure you’ve made appropriate considerations when purchasing stage backdrops and band scrims.

High quality mesh banners will provide optimal acoustic transparency and still maintain visual integrity. JFest opted to use 30/70 mesh banners (less material) for maximum safety and wind durability. Because they went with high quality stage banners, the did not have to compromise on visual integrity!

JFest-30_70 mesh banner-NorthCoast Banners
JFest Utilized 30/70 Mesh Banners To Optimize Blow-through

The Safety Risk of Cheap Banners

Not only do high quality banner materials maintain acoustic fidelity, they can also save lives. Cheap banners may seem like a good idea until realize just how risky they can be!

Just as sound traveling through high quality mesh in important for festival banners, so to is the blow-through quality of banners. When it comes to speaker tower banners and stage backdrops, the last thing you want is for the banners to become wind sails.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened at the Indiana State Fair in 2011. High wind gusts turned the stage banners into deadly wind sails, bringing down the stage. That tragedy left 5 dead and dozens more injured.

It’s disasters like this that remind us the value of quality materials whenever public safety is at hand.

Indiana State Fair - Cheap Banners - Festival Banner - NorthCoast Banners
Windy Conditions Brought Down The Stage At The Indiana State Fair


There are certainly many costs and considerations to hosting a festival. Performers, aesthetics, and layouts are all dependent on audience.

However, regardless of the theme of your event, we urge you to consider safety and quality above all else. Cheap banners may seem appealing, but we guarantee you will be pleased you went with the best! NorthCoast Banners staff are highly trained and experienced to help you find the best quality, safest stage and festival banners to fit your budget.

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Your Music Festival Road-Trip: 9 Shows To Hit

If your ideal summer includes traveling around the country in search of music festival nirvana (hey, we can all dream), then this list is for you!

Are you a music festival junkie like us? If so, nothing sounds better than a summer full of the hottest music artists and most colorful festivals. Stop dreaming and start planning that perfect road trip!

We have you covered with this guide to Summer 2020 can’t-miss, multi-day music festivals! Which festivals will make it onto your map?

Music Festival-NorthCoast Banners-Mesh Banners
Mark your map for these music festival stops

The Governors Ball Music Festival – June 5-7, NY

Kick off your summer music festival tour in New York with The Governors Ball. This year the fest is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. As such, the yet-to-be-released lineup is sure to be packed with stars! Recent years have included top artists such as Florence + The Machine, Khalid, and Shawn Mendes.

According to inside sources, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend and Stevie Nicks are set to headline. Miley Cyrus, Solange, Flume, and H.E.R. are expected to make appearances, as well. You won’t want to miss this!

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival – June 11-14, TN

The lineup for the annual music festival was announced earlier this month. Tool will be heading up the Friday bill. Breakout stars Lizzo and Tame Impala will be the headliners for Saturday and Sunday.

Additionally, Thursday’s kickoff festivities will feature a Grand Ole Opry salute with unnamed special guests.

Lizzo-Music Festivals-NorthCoast Banners
Recording artist Lizzo

Country Jam – June 18-20, CO

This music festival is “The Biggest Party of Your Summer,” so it has to make the list! Country Jam showcases the biggest names in country music. For example, the 2020 lineup includes Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Dan and Shay, and Kane Brown. And SO many more artists!

Immerse yourself in great music on multiple stages, surrounded by Colorado’s awe-inspiring red rock landscape. 

Essence Music Festival – July 1-5, LA

Billed as the event that “Parties With a Purpose,” this music festival draws over 600,000 attendees. Even the famous City of New Orleans is a selling point!

Essence is a unique experience, with Essence Eats offering live demos with celeb chefs and cooking experts. Essence After Dark showcases comedy shows, live podcasts, and underground performances. 

The 2020 lineup has not been announced, but last year featured A-List performers. In addition to Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, and Ginuwine, Jacquees, Ledisi and many more have performed. You know it will be amazing!

Alive Music Festival July 17-19, OH

Alive Music Festival brands itself as “the best 3 days of summer.” With a killer lineup, they may be right! Performers include TobyMac, Skillet, Switchfoot, Newsboys UNITED, Jeremy Camp, Lecrae, Hillsong Young & Free, and more still to be announced! 

Certainly one of the more picturesque festival settings, Alive features four stages, 40+ artists, speakers, and seminars, beautiful camping and RV sites, and swimming and boating in their 1,500-acre lake. In other words, be sure to pack a swimsuit!

Alive Festival - Mustic Festival - NorthCoast Banners - Stage Banner - Festival Banner
Alive Festival (Stage Banners by NorthCoast Banners)

FYF Fest – Date TBA (rumored July 21), CA

FYF Fest 2020 is a multi-genre music festival. Its recent lineup include Hot Water Music, Bicep, Serpentwithfeet and many more. The event aims for “futuristic musical transcendence” with a lineup that “will keep on dazzling spectators and exceeding expectations.”

Likewise, it will be worth the wait to get all the details on this fest!

Lollapalooza – July 30-August 2, IL

Lollapalooza is one of the most iconic music festivals in the world, taking place annually in Grant Park in Chicago. This multi-genre, four day affair offers up a lineup of the biggest acts in the world along with the hottest up-and-comers. 

Last year’s performers included Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, The Strokes and so many more talented groups and solo acts. For example, this year’s rumored headliners include Post Malone, Lana Del Ray, Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, Guns N’ Roses, Travis Scott, Pearl Jam, and Kendrick Lamar.

Newport Jazz Festival – August 7-9, RI

You won’t want to miss “the granddaddy of all music festivals” – the Newport Jazz Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, RI.

Founded in 1954, the Newport Jazz Festival was the first jazz festival in America. Most importantly, it has been host to numerous legendary performances by iconic figures and contemporary geniuses. 

AFROPUNK FEST Brooklyn – Date TBA (typically August), NY

AFROPUNK FEST Brooklyn is a music festival born out of the documentary Afro-Punk. The film highlighted black punk artists around the United States.

In fact, the original festival started in 2005 and has grown into a global movement, evolving over the years to encompass artists from a wide range of genres to augment its inclusive atmosphere.

However, not limited just to music, the festival is a diverse cultural showcase, featuring film, fashion, visual arts, and skate/BMX parks. 

Now that you have your summer music festival route all lined up, it’s just time to load up on sunscreen and decide what to pack. Or if you’re a band looking for ideas of music festivals to apply to, check out these great options!

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Moe Down Festival

Moe Down Festival was held this past September at the Gelston Castle Estate in Mohawk, NY.  The 3-Day festival held host to many different genres of bands.

Moe Down Festival contacted us about doing stage banners that would cover the PA speakers.  The biggest concern with the banners was the passage of sound.  At NorthCoast Banners we offer many different types of Vinyl Mesh Banners. Our 70/30 Mesh is our most popular option for festivals and bands because of its great clarity in art work, balance with its airflow capacity and ability to pass sound through. The banners featured in the picture above are a 30/70 mix.  The sound crew had requested the 30/70 mix because of previous use and preference of it.

Some things to ask yourself when considering the different types of mesh is the visibility and detail of your artwork, the size of it, the bounce back and distortion of sound, and the airflow (so that your banner does not become a sail). Learn more about the factors to consider when buying a stage mesh banner or backdrop.

If you would like more information on the stage mesh banners please feel free to give us call at (800)-231-4213 or check out our page on stage banners.

If you would like to learn more about the Moe Down Festival check out their website at

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Stage Banners at Movement Festival in Detroit

Stage Banners featuring Vitamin Water

The Movement Festival was held in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit May 28-30 this year. The fest was a sight to behold with a record attendance number of 99,282 people, five different stages, and a lineup that included over 100 DJs from around the world. Over the course of three days I saw everyone from the very young to the very old flock to the stages enjoy a wide variety of live techno performances. Just within the crowd there were dance circles galore—hip hop, break dancing, gloving, hula hooping, glow sticks, people busting out the quirkiest moves in their repertoire—which made ‘Movement Festival’ a fitting name.

Mesh Banner featuring Vitamin Water

The other thing that caught my eye, of course, were the 10ft by 35ft vinyl mesh stage scrims NorthCoast made for the Vitamin Water stage. This year the banners included a QR code that, when scanned by a smartphone, took users to the Vitamin Water website on the free wireless internet available at the fest.

Detroit metro times vinyl mesh banner

I also saw some vinyl mesh banners on the fence outside that NorthCoast made for another Movement Festival sponsor, the Detroit Metro Times.

For more information about vinyl mesh banners, stage scrims, or any of our other products, feel free to call us at 800-231-4213 or visit the NorthCoast Banners website.

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