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Digitally Printed Banners

Art Requirements for Digitally Printed Banners

Preparing Files for Digitally Printed Banners

We accept files from both Mac and Windows platforms and most graphics software. Files can be saved in the following formats:

  • .EPS - Encapsulated PostScript- of any type
  • .PSD - Adobe PhotoShop
  • .AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format


  • While we can work with files in both RGB and CMYK colors mode, we do prefer to work with CMYK colors whenever possible.
  • If you require PMS color matching, you must tell your representative the PMS colors that are critical and include a hard copy proof to match to.
  • When color is critical, please do not embed images or flatten the layers. Instead, leave the layers intact and link to any images.
  • Maintain the same color mode throughout your work space (i.e. do not set up your document in CMYK color and then link or embed images that are in RGB colors if possible). Mixing color modes in the same document can produce unexpected results.

Size and Resolution

  • Setup your document in proportion to your final output size and desired resolution at FINAL size.
  • Vector Files: Because vector files are based on lines, rather than pixels like raster-based files, they are scalable without losing resolution. Therefore, the artwork will not become pixilated and jagged when it's enlarged, so the most critical element with vector files is that they are setup proportionately to the final output size. We highly recommend using vector-based artwork and text on larger graphics whenever possible for optimum results and easier file management. If raster-based photos or images are to be used within the vector artwork, please refer to the raster file guidelines below.
  • Raster Files: For banners and signs designed to be viewed at less than 24", your resolution should be 300 dpi at final size. For designs that are to be viewed beyond 24", we recommend a resolution of 150 dpi at final size. For very large banners, signs, and displays that are going to be viewed from a distance, 100 dpi resolution is perfectly fine and will make it easier to work with the files.
  • Scaling: When scaling your raster-based files, keep in mind each time we need to double the size of your artwork, the resolution drops by half. So if you provide us with artwork that is 1'H x 2'W at 600 dpi resolution at 1/4 scale, the artwork will be 4'H x 8'W at 150 dpi when we enlarge the file to the final size. Keep this in mind when creating your original artwork, as this is critical to getting the best print possible. We do recommend creating your artwork at 1/4 – 1/2 scale for most applications. We do not recommend designing your artwork at less than 1/12 scale.
  • Compression: Do not compress the files or use any type of compressed format, such as JPEG, unless that's the only option you have for your original images.

Scanned Images

  • Scanned images should have a resolution of no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 1/4 size of the final printed piece.
  • Remember that resolution decreases by the same factor as the enlargement you request.
  • A 300 dpi original enlarged to four times the original size will have a finished resolution of 75 dpi.

Submitting Your Files

  • We accept files that are sent by e-mail (< 5 mb), uploaded to our website and by courier (UPS / FEDEX).
  • If you send us your files by courier, please include in a hard-copy printout of your files, so that we can proof the hard copy against your print files, preventing any possible errors in file translation!
  • If you email or upload your files to us, please include a PDF of the banner you want printed so we can proof the PDF against your print files.
  • Whenever possible send artwork as vector art, with all fonts saved in outline form. This allows for easy scaling and color corrections. Be sure to include all fonts used in your artwork if they have not been converted to outlined artwork.


If you have questions on any of the above call 1-800-231-4213 and we'll gladly guide you through the process.

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