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Event Banners for Non-Profit Organizations from Northcoast Banners

As everyone involved in non-profits knows, every single penny is precious and must be raised from generous people. It is, therefore, critical that non-profits find the very best pricing for their event banners.

Northcoast Banners understands this truth and prices banners to non-profits with it in mind. To get the very best pricing for your organization's banners, call Northcoast Banners today at 800.231.4213! You will be both surprised and delighted!

  • Plastic Roll Banners
  • Plastic Roll Banners
  • Plastic Roll Banners

10 Ways You Can Use Event Banners For Your Non-Profit

  1. Line your race and walk routes with plastic roll banners
  2. Employ roll banners to mark off your volunteer rest areas
  3. Brand your events with event banners and backdrops so there is no doubt who is sponsoring them
  4. Skirt your tables with roll banners or table banners at health fairs, community forums and other events
  5. Identify your service centers in emergency settings
  6. Provide volunteer fundraisers with “leave behind” roll banners
  7. Create mesh stage backdrops and stage scrims to communicate your message to large groups
  8. Mark your start and finish lines with “over the street” banners
  9. Use plastic roll banners to tear off and distribute to visitors as mementos
  10. Cover your event with your branding using a combination of plastic roll banners, mesh stage banners and other kinds of event banners

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Customer providing testimonial

What I love about roll banners is their versatility. We tape roll banners around tables to make skirting, we use them to cover an entire high school gym at their all-night fundraiser, and they go up at 177 golf outings every year. You guys make me look great all the time!” -Dana Farber Cancer Institute

5 star review
Customer providing testimonial

“Northcoast Banners provide banners for our non-profit that facilitate Social and Emotional Learning workshops in schools. As a non-profit, it is a pleasure to work with a company that operates with a potent combination of heart and professionalism.” -Challenge Day

5 star review
Customer providing testimonial

“Northcoast Banners makes helping kids with cancer easy! The high-quality economic roll banners are our go-to piece for our grass-roots fundraising efforts. The banners are easy to display and give us a big messaging impact within our budget.” -Flashes of Hope

5 star review