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Flexographic Printing of Plastic Roll Banners and Bags

Plastic Roll Banners and Bags Printing

Flexography, often abbreviated to flexo, is a method of printing most commonly used for printing plastic roll banners and bags. This is the technology we use for printing plastic roll banners and plastic bags.

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Flexo Printing Process

A flexo print is achieved by creating a mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. We refer to these reliefs as "plates". A measured amount of ink is deposited upon the surface of the printing plate using an anilox roll. The print surface then rotates, contacting the poly which transfers the ink.

Flexo Print Quality

Originally, flexo printing was very low quality. In the last few decades great advances have been made, including improvements to the plate material and the method of plate creation - usually photographic exposure followed by chemical etch, though also by direct laser engraving. Laser-etched anilox rolls also play a part in the improvement of print quality.

Full color picture printing now occurs, and some of the finer presses available today in combination with a skilled operator allow quality that rivals the lithographic process.

Flexo has an advantage over lithography in that it can use a wider range of inks and is good at printing on a variety of different materials. Flexo inks, unlike those used in lithography generally have low viscosity. This enables faster drying and as a result, faster production, which means low cost.

Our printing presses average speeds of 450 linear feet per minute.

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Printing Press Capacities

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Plastic Roll Banner Printing Terminology and Questions

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